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A Facelift without Surgery?
No Harmful Lasers?
No Recovery Time?

We’ve all seen the unnatural appearances that often result from facial cosmetic surgery; now people all over North America are discovering an alternative way to achieve the same, if not better, age-defying results and do so with a more natural look. Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ will change the way the world looks at non-surgical facial technology, because it does not rely on wounding the dermis to stimulate its anti-aging properties.

The benefits of Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ include:

Reduction of fine lines, creases, and wrinkles

Hydration and revitalization, resulting in smoother and softer skin

Improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Rejuvenating restoration of the "pink glow" of youthful tones

Visible firming and contouring, lifting overall drooping features

Tightening of sagging jowls, doubling chins, and fatty cheeks

Shrinking of enlarged pores

Reduction of blackheads and acne

Reduction of scars and pitting

Reduction of dark circles and puffiness under eyes

Reduction of the symptoms from Eczema, Melasma , and Rosacea

Glenda Hatton 817 404 7549

Certified Technician in both Beautiful Image Facials and Eye Lash Extensions

Glenda Hatton

The Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting is a revolutionary way to safely, effectively and gently tighten and firm the skin. It is performed through exclusively designed conductor wands which emit Micro-currents. The current penetrates the layers of skin through specific acupuncture points thus causing increased production of collagen to Diminish or Eliminates Fine Lines, Creases & Wrinkles • Hydrates & Revitalizes Skin – Rebuilds Collagen • Improves Blood Circulation & Lymph Drainage • Reduces Scarring & Dimpling• Tightens Sagging Jowls, Double Chins, Fatty Checks • Reduces Dark Circles or Puffiness Under Eyes • Reduces Symptoms of Rosacea, Eczema, Acne • Rejuvenates the “Pink Glow” of Youthful Hues• Anti-Aging Without Surgical Risk and Recovery

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Facial & Body Sculpting

What I Do  A Non-Surgical Facelift

Eye Lash Extensions

Glenda was introduced to Beautiful Image 8 years ago & was amazed with the procedures & its benefits to the body. Glenda said, “This is what I’ve been doing for the last 30 years -- training muscle.” Glenda offers a non-surgical face lift, sculpting of arms, stomach, as well as buttocks and legs. Glenda states she can already see the self- confidence, enthusiasm, and improvements in her client’s overall well being.

How is the procedure done?

The experience is so wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, that you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. Specially formulated skin products are first applied over the targeted areas of face or body. The essential blends is used As a conductor to enhance the effectiveness of the wave form, penetrating deep into the skin as the wands gently glide over the areas being treated. The number of procedures recommended is determined upon your age and skin condition. Most clients are able to see noticeable improvement after their very first visit. Ten treatments will achieve optimal results.

Expect to turn back the clock on aging. You will achieve overall improved skin quality and a natural youthful appearance to the face, chest or entire body. Once you’ve reached your desired results, there are preventative measures you can take in order to maintain your new found skin. The technology is so effective, that everyone will get age-defying results. The moment you start is the moment your skin stops aging. How beautiful is that? And it’s affordable. Proven Results since 1977 The only Micro current System of its kind that offers Guaranteed Results! #1in America as seen on ABC NBC & CBS

Look and Feel Beautiful!
My goal is to provide you with natural looking lashes instantly!
I specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Each look is customized to compliment your personal style.
• Looks from Soft and Natural to Full and Glamorous
• Safe and professional grade adhesive
• Single strands applied lash per lash                  
• All services performed in a relaxing environment